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Frequently Asked Questions

1. I’m an avid DIYer. Can I do this project myself?

We highly recommend that you leave this to the professionals. The prep work involved is rigorous and strenuous and the materials we use are very specialized. The concrete grinder we use weighs a hefty 600 pounds. Our crews are sent out of state to take multiple day classes to ensure that the product looks great and lasts. This is not a simple garage floor paint or epoxy coating. DIY kits also don’t come with a warranty and our coatings come with a lifetime warranty!

2. What kind of maintenance is required to keep my concrete coating looking great for years to come?

None! The polyurea coating we install is practically impervious to stains, easy to clean and is even antimicrobial. A simple hosing off to get rid of surface dirt is all you need. That’s why this material is such a great choice as a patio coating, garage floor coating or even industrial floor coating. The cool deck surface makes it a popular choice for pool surrounds, too.

3. How slick is this coating?

The finished product is smooth to the touch, but not slick. Your non-skid concrete coating will be easy on the feet, but safe.

4. I have a lot of garage floor cracks. What can you do about those?

An integral part of our preparation process is concrete crack repair. We can fill and repair cracks with a material that is even stronger than the original concrete. We then grind the entire surface down to an even finish before applying the polyurea. You’ll never even know they were there!

5. Will the cracks come back?

Unless you have substrate issues, no, they will not come back. An epoxy coating is just a temporary surface treatment, but the polyurea system we apply seeps into the pores of the concrete and remains slightly pliable throughout its life. It can shift and maintain in the heat and cold whereas an epoxy coating will continue to harden throughout its life and will crack, peel and chip more and more with each coming year.

6. Is this product environmentally friendly?

Yes! Many epoxies and DIY kits require you to acid wash your concrete surface before application. That acid runs down into the street and drains into the local water system. Not only is this bad for the environment, but it’s illegal and can cost you money in fines! We do not use any acids. We grind the concrete down with diamond bit discs for a much more product-ready surface to avoid harsh chemicals that damage the environment.

7. Can I customize the look of my concrete coating?

Our concrete coatings come in a huge variety of colors and options! You can add a clear coat to treated concrete for a modern, sophisticated look. You can choose a solid color, or you can add color flakes in any combination you can think of to create a granite-like look. We can even add custom decals or logos for a little extra fun. The possibilities are endless!

8. Does this concrete coating come with any kind of warranty?

Yes! We stand behind our workmanship and the materials we use 100% and are proud to offer a lifetime warranty.

9. I’d like to have my garage done, but it’s full of stuff. Can you help me with that?

We can empty your garage, patio or any other area and store your belongings, on your own property, in one of our locked trailers. When the job is complete, we’ll put everything back where we found it. You don’t have to lift a finger!

10. I want to use my new space right away. How long does this process take?

Most projects can be completed in just one day! With most epoxy coatings and garage floor paints, the process takes 4-6 days because you must wait for each layer to dry. Our one-day concrete coatings allow you to get back to your life in only 24 hours! There’s no down time and you can start enjoying your beautiful new space right away.

11. What does it cost?

Every project is unique. We offer so many options and each application is completed to the customers’ specifications. That means you’re in charge! All our estimates are free and require zero obligation. Give us a call to schedule your free estimate today!

American Concrete Coatings serves all of north Texas, including Fort Worth, Arlington, Dallas, Weatherford, Frisco, McKinney, Plano, Denton, Mansfield, South Lake, all surrounding areas!


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