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Chip flooring system

A Versatile, Beautiful And Durable Coating Solution – For A Very Wide Range Of Flooring Applications
ACC's Chip System is very attractive floor coating that is perfect for applications that require flooring to have durability AND beauty. Once this coating is applied, it has an orange peel texture with a granite feel. Despite the fact that it adds a visual element to a room, it is also very durable and the texture is important, especially when used in commercial applications or in areas where there is high traffic. This is a perfect concrete flooring system for a residential garage too.
The vinyl chips that give the coating its unique look come in several blends so you can mix and match with your chosen base coat color. This allows you to make your coating unique to your application. This allows you to choose your flooring to match the room instead of the other way around.
The Chip System is made of 100% solids polyurea with one-of-a-kind technology that gives superior adhesion. You get a rapid cure rate and maximum broadcast time. We understand that it is very important for our customers to return to service as soon as possible. Downtime costs you money, so we will provide a product that will allow your business to get back to normal as soon as possible. 

metallic flooring system

Superior Coating Technology That Gives Your Flooring A Beautiful Marbleized 3D Look.
ACC's Metallic System really makes flooring stand out above the rest. It has a spectacular and dazzling look that gives your floor a unique three-dimensional appearance. This type of flooring is perfect for showrooms, retail stores, and even that special room in a home. It utilizes natural pigments in order to provide unmatched color movement for creating a look that is completely unique. This coating will minimize installation time, which reduces the amount of downtime for businesses and minimal upheavel in your home.
This is a 3-coat system that gives you a high gloss finish that is simple to maintain. When you have productivity in mind, having a floor coating that doesn’t require heavy cleaning is important. This is why the Metallic system can be used in commercial settings where a high gloss finish is needed. As an added bonus, high gloss improves the lighting in the room.

quartz flooring system

A Safe And Durable Solution That Consistently Holds Up To Harsh Environments And Heavy Use.
ACC's Quartz System is a durable coating that works well in commercial and industrial applications. The quartz aggregate that is embedded in the coating creates a non-slip surface that is extremely durable. These qualities make this coating ideal for environments where floors may become wet or where safety is of utmost concern. The system can also remain functional in the most abrasive environments, as well as environments where chemicals may be used. Its strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance make it perfect in the harshest environment. It is also great for residential applications such as pool decks and walkways. This product is extremely UV stable and will protect your floor so it lasts longer.
You receive a superior product that allows a return to service as quickly as possible for your Dallas/Fort Worth business. The ability to get back to business, as usual, is something that sets our products apart from many others. 

solid color epoxy system

A Cost-Effective And User-Friendly Solution Designed For Heavily Used Commercial Flooring
ACC's Solid Color Epoxy System is built to be tough. In fact, it is built to handle the absolute toughest situations. If you need your floor to withstand high impact, resist chemicals, and resist abrasions, this is the type of floor coating that you need. This epoxy system can be applied to cover just those small imperfections in the floor or it can be applied as a high build product.
Complete custom color matching is available so you can match the color that you need and so it remains consistent throughout the whole floor. Regardless of the size of the area you are coating, consistency remains very important. You will discover that once we have installed your floor, you will have that perfect consistency from wall-to-wall. This means we can apply a lot of square footage at one time, which is ideal for when you need to get back to business as soon as possible as it will reduce the distruption time substantially.

solid color polyurea system

A User-Friendly Floor Coating Solution Engineered To Outperform The Competition With One-Day Installation.
ACC's Solid Color Polyurea System is a very dependable floor coating due to its high performance. What sets this coating apart from other coatings is its cold weather installation. This coating can handle freeze and thaw cycles and still remain flexible. You can also choose from a matte or a high-gloss finish, depending on which one will fit your requiements. You also have the option of different colors, textures, and full custom color matching.
This floor coating system can be installed in just one single day. This will minimize the downtime of the business where the coating is installed. The high gloss finish will also improve the lighting in a room and make it more attractive. If you don’t want high gloss, you can choose a matte finish. This floor coating is also easily maintained so that less time is spent on cleaning and maintenance and more on the things that are important to you.

polyurea floor system

An Affordable and easy to maintain solution that creates a durable non-slip shop floor.
ACC's Shop Floor System can turn a shop floor into a very durable floor that is resistant to harsh chemicals. This is an affordable solution that uses PB 200, dry sand, and a PT 300 topcoat that is highly chemical resistant. This is another unique coating option.
The pre-tinted topcoat can be matched to any color you choose so that it will match your shop in Dallas/Fort Worth. A shop owner shouldn’t have to adjust a room to match its flooring. This flooring can be designed to match the colors in the room.
But what really makes this coating ideal for shops of all types is the slip resistance. Non-skid texture is added to the coating so that people will not slip and fall. Being that a many shops can possibly have slippery oils and other substances on the floor makes this benefit extremely important.

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