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The ACC System also adds to the longevity of the floor’s life, preventing Dallas/Fort Worth customers from having to replace concrete floors prematurely. This creates an even greater return on investment for the customer.

Full custom color matching is available so you can get the color that you want and so it is consistent throughout the entire floor. Regardless of how large or small the area you are coating, consistency is very important. You will find that once installed, you have that consistency from wall-to-wall. This means you can apply a lot of square footage at one time, which is ideal for when you need to get back to business as soon as possible.

This is a high-performance coating that will protect flooring for the long-term. It is also easy to clean so that too much time isn’t spent on maintenance. Just as Dallas businesses don’t want to lose time on the installation, they don’t want too much manpower or money being spent on floor maintenance. This floor coating is the whole package.

American Concrete Coatings' Quartz System is a durable coating that works well in DFW commercial and industrial applications. The quartz aggregate that is embedded in the coating creates a non-slip surface that is extremely durable. These qualities make this coating ideal for environments where floors may become wet or where safety is of utmost concern. The system can also remain functional in the most abrasive environments, as well as environments where chemicals may be used. Its strength, abrasion resistance, and chemical resistance make it perfect in the harshest environment.

The Quartz System also adds to the longevity of the floor’s life, preventing customers in Dallas/Fort Worth from having to replace concrete floors prematurely. This creates an even greater return on investment for the customer. This floor coating can be used in many different commercial applications.

A Safe And Durable Solution That Consistently Holds Up To Harsh Environments And Heavy Use.

Concrete Floorings for Commercial Properties


American Concrete Coatings' Metallic System really makes flooring “pop.” It is a spectacular and dazzling look that gives the floor a unique three-dimensional appearance. This type of flooring is perfect for showrooms and retail stores.


Utilizing natural pigments, this special formula provides unmatched colors for creating a look that is all your own. This coating also minimizes installation time, which reduces the amount of downtime for businesses in Dallas/Fort worth.


When you have productivity in mind, having a floor coating that doesn’t require heavy cleaning is important. This is why the Metallic system can be used in production zones where a high gloss finish is needed.


When beauty, durability, easy installation, and ease-of-maintenance are qualities you need in a floor coating, American Concrete Coatings can give you that through the Metallic System and other floor coating systems that they have created.


ACC's floor coatings are perfect for hospitals, medical facilities and veterinary clinics where high traffic areas are common. It protects the underlying concrete from traffic and impact and even creates a safer environment for all who tread upon it.


We are a family owned and operated company and we will work with you every step of the way to help you achieve the perfect flooring look that you want for your home or business in DFW.  FREE ESTIMATES!

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